Pilates With Elvy

Elvy was the former owner and instructor of Casa Pilates, her former boutique-certified studio through Romana’s Pilates, the most regarded and intense training program in the world! Romana was Joseph Pilate's apprentice and protégé, and she dedicated her life to keeping the method authentic.

Elvy is committed to the purity of her training to provide the highest quality Pilates instruction. She is currently collaborating with other local studios and is also available for virtual lessons. Each session is one-on-one, a special workout that caters to your individual needs and evolves with you. Her mission is to teach anyone with a real desire to improve physically and achieve fitness and wellness through intelligent exercise.

Your session with Elvy will focus on the eight principles of Pilates: Concentration, Control, Centering, Fluidity, Precision, Breathing, Coordination, and Stamina.


Pilates is a unique system of exercises that involves stretching and strengthening the body. This method was developed by Joseph Pilates almost a hundred years ago. When Pilates is practiced on a regular basis, and with the right instruction, it will strengthen “the powerhouse” or core muscles and tone the whole body. Flexibility, posture and balance will improve as well as bringing body and mind together.

When Pilates is practiced properly, you will achieve a streamlined shape without bulkiness. The pleasure of practicing Pilates and feeling your body become stronger in a private and serene environment, will keep you feeling great!

Look forward to seeing you!!